ZDZ Flyers


Whether a professional flyer or an R/C enthusiast, this page is for you! We want to showcase ZDZ-powered R/C planes across the country. Click the button and enter a submission to be featured on our site!

Kawasaki Ki-61-I-Tei

Owner: Todd Davis
Location: Robins, IA
Cedar Rapids Skyhawks
Exhaust: PSA-ZDZ112 R2 Pitts
Headers: Pitts
Additional Info: 1:3.75 scale with a 126″ wingspan, 8′ long. This is one huge plane. Built with Sierra Giant scale retracts, A special 1/4 scale best pilots figure, sliding canopy, and all details like rivets and a full cockpit.

Topflight Giant ARF P-51

Owner: Randy Larsen
Location: Wimberley, TX
Club: Texas Warbird Thunder Flying Team
Engine: ZDZ 97RV-J Champion
Exhaust: B&B three pipe muffler
Headers: N/A
Additional Info: Robart Retracts, Hitec Servos, Dave Browne 5″ Spinner, nose art of “The Lone Ranger!!”

AJ Aircraft Laser 230Z

Owner: Tanner Curtis
Location: El Cajon, CA
Club: Chula Vista Model Radio Control Club
Engine: ZDZ 180B2-J Champion
Exhaust: JMB Mufflers
Additional Info: It’s an AJ Aircraft Laser 230Z, it exudes excellence in all regards.

42% EG Aircraft Raven

Owner: Collin “Aero” Clohan
Location: Martinsburg, WV
Club: Pegasus RC Club
Exhaust: Stock mufflers
Additional Info: I love how big and floaty this plane is for me. It doesn’t do a lot of high speed stuff, but when you are just ready to get down on the deck, this is the plane for the job!

Extra 300

Owner: Tim “TR” Miller
Location: Appleton, WI
Club: Valley Aero Model
Engine: ZDZ 56RV-J
Exhaust: Ssb bolt on

ARS 300

Owner: Marco Gaona
Location: Elberta, Al
Club: Fly Boyz rc club
Engine: ZDZ 140B2RV-G Champion

Hangar 9 3.1M Sukhoi

Owner: Brian Blois
Winter Park, CO
Club: Love-Air RC, Arvada Associated Modelers, Grand Junction Modeleers
Engine: ZDZ 180 B2RV-J
Exhaust: JMB Rear Dump Cans
Additional Info: The 180 B2 RV-J has brought the fun back to 40% air-frames in high altitude regions!

Pilot 330SC

Owner: Wayne Bolin
Location: Chula Vista, CA
Club: Chula Vista Model Radio Control Club
Engine: ZDZ 180B2-J Champion 
Exhaust: JMB Mufflers
Additional Info: This is just a simple out of the BOX ARF, but I love it. It has truly been a great 3D trainer for me. It is very predictable and stable. The ZDZ180 is a monster engine that just rips the airplane around the sky!

33% Scale 110” Balsa USA Sop with Pup

Owner: Carl Handley
Location: Columbus, OH
Club: Westerville Models Aero Association
Engine: ZDZ 56RV-J
Exhaust: DLE 61 exhaust with a smoke modification
Additional Info: The power and the sound are like a real WWI PUP. Just a perfect engine for this big bird!

Extreme Flight 125” Extra 300

Owner: Brad Allison
Location: Woodward, OK
Engine: ZDZ195RV-J Champion
Exhaust: JMB Canisters
Headers: JMB

28% Ziroli Stuka

Owner: Patrick McLaughlin
Location: Canton, GA
Engine: ZDZ 210R2-JS
Exhaust: Pitts style muffler
Headers: Straight stacks 
Additional Info: My ZDZ engine is 75% of it. The add-ons like bomb drops, siren etc. is the other 25%. Having a strong and RELIABLE engine is a must!

Flex Innovations Mamba DA-70 bipe Potenza servos

Owner: Ben “Cornfed” Erickson
Location: Altoona, IA
Club: Des Moines Modelaires
Exhaust: JTec compact mufflers
Headers: None
Additional Info: I’ve used this plane as a trial an error learning tool to learn more about the Aura FC and how it can be programmed and used for different flying styles. I even talked anothe club member into buying the same plane and setting it up how gen likes (way different flying styles). It’s very versatile and the airframe is on repeat of the best I’ve ever had or assembled. 

Ziroli p51

Owner: Billy Trosclair
Houma, LA
Club: Cajun Black Sheep
Engine: Zdz 80 RJ 
Exhaust: Slime line Pitts
Headers: Pitts Slant
Additional Info: Grand help build it / Zdz power

47% Pilot Super Decathlon

Owner: Jason Doran
Location: Wrightstown, WI
Club: Northern Aces
Engine: ZDZ 210-B2-RV-J
Exhaust: JMB SSA-ZDZ-210-B2-RV-J
Headers: N/A
Additional Info: This aerobatic giant powered by the awesome ZDZ 210 has a high power to weight ratio and performs show stopping acrobatics with ease. The on board smoke system and spectrum electronics are powered by “A Power” batteries. This plane is a crowd pleaser!

Balsa USA 1/3 scale Fokker D-VII

Owner: Steve Percifield
Location: Noblesville, IN
Club: Tipton County Radio Control Club
Engine: ZDZ80
Exhaust: Custom-made to fit the plane by a friend with a welder
Headers: None
Additional Info: Covered in Solartex, paint is Behr latex custom blended by Home Depot, Color scheme is of Emil Thuy from Jasta 28, Futaba radio equipment. Weighs 43 lbs.

105" Extreme Flight Slick

Owner: Austin Morris
Location: Orange, TX
Clubs: Larks RC, Converse Flying Eagles, Madson County RC
Engine: ZDZ 112B2RV-J Champion
Exhaust: Stock mufflers
Headers: None
Additional Info: I love the savox 2290 servos that I have in it.

3.3m CARF Yak 55

Owner: Nir Schweizer
Location: Germantown, MD
Club: Hobby Hangar
Engine: ZDZ 210B2RV-J
Exhaust: Pipes
Headers: Came with the pipes
Additional Info: The size, the way it flies, and the ratio between engine and airplane make this plane the best!

Ziroli P40

Owner: Jose Abella
Location: Orlando, FL
Club: IRKS
Engine: ZDZ 80RV
Exhaust: Pitts
Additional Info: My first kit build. Great choice for engine!

Top Flite Giant P-51 ARF

Owner: Rob Bussler
Ruther Glen, VA
Club: Fredericksburg Area R/C Club
Engine: Zdz 50 NG
Exhaust: Pitts style muffler
Headers: None
Additional Info: Giant scale Warbird