ZDZ 140B2RV-G Champion


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The ZDZ 140B2RV-J has an awesome power to weight ratio. It is a 140ccm opposed twin cylinder model gas engine with processor controlled ignition. It features a full CNC-made crankcase and back plate out of 7075 aluminum alloy and has three bearings on the crankshaft.  This new construction technology with separate cylinder heads allows multiple tuning version e.g. changed combustion chamber for even smoother run, more power, easier cooling, colors, and doubled spark plugs for better safety. It has been well tested and has proven technology for cylinder head gasket (former ZDZ engines from late 1990´s  and actual ZDz 250 and ZDZ 500B4). The fuel intake of this engine is managed by a rotary valve which, contrary to the usual reed valve system, allows much more precise control over the timing and less frequency in reed changing. The ZDZ 140B2RV-J runs and transitions are fast and smooth with low levels of vibration.


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RPM Range


Ignition Unit

Processor Controlled 4.8-7V

Fuel Mixture (n95+Oil)


Twin Blade Propellers

28×12, 29×9, 29×10, 30×10

Three Blade Propellers

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