ZDZ Team Pilot – Collin “Aero” Clohan

Collin "Aero" Clohan - Martinsburg, WV

About Me:
I’ve been flying for about 10 years now as I started when I was 7 years old. I got interested in flying when my granddad took me out to Pegasus RC Club to watch them fly and I knew I wanted to do that.

What Type Of Flying I Do:
Any type – 3D or scale flying, Warbirds to Aerobatics

Experience/History Building R/C Planes:
I have experience in building a lot of ARF type aircraft and my granddad and I at one point completely rebuilt a destroyed 3DHS Extra 300 87.

Experience/History Flying R/C Planes:
I’ve been flying RC for about 10 years now. In 2017, I gained my first real sponsor, Hobby Hangar, when they noticed my flying and how young I was (16 years at the time) and most recently gained Swing Wing Productions and now I am also happy to be on team ZDZ.

My Planes:
3DHS 87 inch Extra 300SHP – Powered by an O.S. GT60cc, Guideded by Spektrum

2. EG Aircraft Raven 122 inch – Powered by a 3W 157ccs, MKS Servos, and guided by Spektrum Powersafe with an IX12

3. Hangar 9 1/4 Scale Cub – Powered by a Saito Fg-21cc, Guided by Spektrum 

Catch Me At:
• Leeseweb Manassas Airshow
• Culpeper Airfest
• Leesburg Airshow
• Warbirds Over Fredericksburg

And many other evens throughout the year!