ZDZ Team Pilot – Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick McLaughlin - Canton, GA

About Me:
I have been flying since 1981. When I was 13 I met a neighbor who built and flew RC planes in my hometown of Mingo Jct., Ohio. I was instantly hooked. He had several large models in his workshop. I remember a 1/4 scale cub, a float plane, and a biplane. 3 months later I finished building my first plane, a Sig Kadet Jr.

What Type Of Flying I Do:
Mostly Scale Warbird flying

Experience/History Building R/C Planes:
I started building RC kits when I was 13 and since have built and flown off and on till the early 90’s when I built my first large scale Warbird (Pica 1/5 scale Spitfire). I have built several planes since then from plans such as a Ziroli. My favorites were the Stuka, P-40 and Hellcat. About 6 years ago I blew up the Ziroli Stuka plans 1.5 times and after 5 years finished a 28%, 150″ Stuka. The best decision I made was the engine I selected. I purchased a ZDZ 210 Inline twin with onboard starter. This 84 pound plane and engine combo is the best flying warbird I have ever built/owned. This larger version is exactly 3 times the weight and the engine is 3 times the size as the 101″ version. I am in awe of the planes that I see at fly-ins today. Meister, Top Flite, Balsa USA, and so many others that look and fly so well. We very lucky to experience our hobby at this time in history! The innovations of 2.4 radios, hi powered servo’s, and engines such as ZDZ truly amaze me.

Experience/History Flying R/C Planes:
The most enjoyment I get flying is when I fly slow scale planes. My 1/3 scale Balsa USA cub comes to mind. Especially when I have the floats on and do touch and goes on a calm lake or pond. It is very relaxing. I also love warbirds. Learning the history of a specific plane and trying to fly it like the real ones is very enjoyable to me. My Stuka is a good example. Putting it in a very steep dive with the sirens wailing and then drop bombs that whistle as they fall if very fun.

My Planes:
1. Balsa USA 1/3 scale cub, a 1/3 scale Fly-baby, a Sig 4 star .60 (with a scale chair/control stick) that you sit in and fly it around. A friend Larry Mortimer from Woodstock, GA engineered and made two of these scale flying control chairs. It is very fun to sit in and control the plane with controls just like the real plane.

2. Enlarged Ziroli Stuka. It is 84 pounds, 150″ wingspan, has onboard sirens, sliding canopy, landing light and several other scale features. It is powered by a ZDZ 210 inline twin with onboard starter. It is a very dependable, strong, and lightweight engine that I could not be happier with. I am also excited that ZDZ engines USA is here so if I ever need maintenance done or need to purchase another engine (which I do for a 145″ Corsair) I don’t have call anyone outside the country.

I have many best of show and pilot choice awards for planes I have built and owned. Mostly my Ziroli P-40, Hellcat and Stuka.

Catch Me At:
Warbird Events all over the Southeast such as:
• Warbirds Over Georgia
• Joe Nall
• Gathering of Eagles

I am always on the lookout for any Warbird event that gets listed in the back of AMA magazine!