ZDZ Team Pilot – Nir Schweizer

Nir Schweizer - Germantown, MD

About Me:
Nir (rhymes with beer), like many of us, began his obsession with this hobby as a child; building and flying his first model aircraft at seven years old. He took it a little further than most of us, with achievements in aviation most would consider quite impressive. At eight years old, he built and flew his first of many ultra-light manned aircraft. He has flown gliders, hang gliders, para gliders, and just about everything that flies. He has logged over 750 sky dives, was a test pilot, is a flight instructor, and is a certified aircraft mechanic (A&P). Early in his civilian aviation career, he shuttled aircraft around the world for corporations (and people with more money than sense). His aviation career culminated as an airline captain with over 17,000 hours logged. Throughout his aviation career, Nir continued to build and fly model airplanes in his spare time. Some say he doesn’t sleep. Building and flying model aircraft full time now, Nir competed in Frank Tiano’s “Top Gun” Invitational with a custom built tandem “Fly Baby,” possibly the only one ever modeled (it’s a rare aircraft to begin with). He is an AMA Contest Director (CD) and holds a Turbine Waiver.

What Type Of Flying I Do:
Lots of events nationwide 3D demo or scale maneuvers on the jets

Experience/History Building R/C Planes:
Over the last 17 years, I built more than 157 prop and 150 jet model aircraft. Building all the way to turn key airplanes, wood kits and arfs, Scale prop , 3D , warbirds and Jets. It’s not what I do it’s my lifestyle!

Experience/History Flying R/C Planes:
I’ve been flying non-stop jets and 3D warbirds for over 25 years!

My Planes:
CARF 3.3m Yak 55 , ZDZ 210 all jr8911
Servos 28x TX and PowerBox
Over 2500 flights!

2. Ziroly AT6 Texan with ZDZ80
All JR8611 warbirds

3. FEJ Vampire jet with JetCentral Rhino
All JR8711 28X TX

4. FEJ 2.5m Hawk JetCentral Rhino all JR8711 28X TX

5. FEJ 1.5.5 scale Thunderbird F16
Jet Central Mammoth all JR 8911 28X TX and PowerBox

Top Gun award
Best Milltary Performance
Scale Realism
Technical Achievements
Best scale jet

Catch Me At:

• First in flight
• Jets over Kentucky
• Warbirds at Fredericksburg, VA

And more shows at local clubs and full scale airports throughout the year