ZDZ Team Pilot- Marek Drlik

Marek "Czech Alien" Drlik - Cumming, GA

About Me:
While in Europe to visit family in 2012, my wife’s cousin’s husband was in to RC and that’s first time I got in to RC. I’ve been flying ever since!

What Type Of Flying I Do:
How to 3d maneuvers

Experience/History Building R/C Planes:
Not necessarily a builder, I rather fly!

Experience/History Flying R/C Planes:
I started out with small foam planes in 2012, early 2014 I seen Chris Hinson fly his 64″ MXS and was blown away with his skills and maneuvers he was performing. Had to get one for myself and then the real fun was ON! I also enjoy basic imac flying as well as large warbirds, but do not own any.

My Planes:

1. V2 104″ Extra
2. 105″ slick 580
3. 106″ edge Demonstrators
4. 94″ MXS
5. 91″ Laser

All are considered 3D/XA extreme aerobatic planes.