ZDZ Team Pilot – Jason Doran

Jason Doran - Wrightstown, WI

About Me:
I have been flying RC for 12 years. Always loved aviation and everything about RC planes. I grew up watching RC planes flying in the field by my grandparents house and that always stuck with me.

What Type Of Flying I Do:
I fly Large scale and 3D/aerobatic

Experience/History Building R/C Planes:
I have built over a dozen large model aircraft and have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of aircraft and engines.

Experience/History Flying R/C Planes:
Having over a dozen years of building and flying, I have seen a lot of improvements in technology and aircraft design. It never gets old, it never gets boring. Always something you haven’t seen before and always something you haven’t experienced! What an amazing hobby we are fortunate to have the freedom to enjoy! Thanks to the Academy of Model Aeronautics for continuing to help preserve and protect our awesome Hobby!

My Planes:
I have over 30 RC planes all powered by fabulous ZDZ Engines. Most notably people will recognize my:

1.  Giant scale 47% Super Decathlon
2. 46% Jtech Extra 300
3. 40% 3DHS Extra 330lx
4. 55% Yak 54

I have been privileged to experience the thrill of applauding audiences all over WI flying in our Northern Aces Airshow Team. No award can compare to happy families enjoying the sites and sounds of this wonderful hobby!

Catch Me At:
I attend events all over the country with my young boys. We can be seen at a variety of events from the east coast to the west coast depending on the time of year.