ZDZ Team Pilot – Carl Handley

Carl Handley - Columbus, OH

About Me:
I have been flying for over 10 years and got into this with a few guys at work doing some fly and thought I could too.

What Type Of Flying I Do:
Any type just to have fun

Experience/History Building R/C Planes:
I have taught myself the basics of building RC planes over the years by working on my own planes. You have to be able to repair these models to be able to fly them. It always makes this hobby a lot more fun. I have always said if you rebuild it – make it better!

Experience/History Flying R/C Planes:
I always have enjoyed just flying around for fun in my free time very relaxing, but I have also found the challenge of scale-maneuver events just as fun! It’s a blast to meet great people and make a lot of friends also in the hobby.

My Planes:
I have a total of 10 planes some are electrics and a few are glow like my trainers have to teach new flyers.

1. Balsa USA 1/3 Scale Sopwith pup with a 110” wingspan. It is over 30 years old. It was crashed and ready to go in a friends burn pile, so I pulled it out and rebuilt it by using the old plans that he had. I just put in a new ZDZ 56RV-J.

2. I have a Zeroli Hellcat 97” in the building process and hope to scale it out for competition and put a 97 Champion on it.

Several awards in skilled sportsmen with my sopwith pup  including the Bob Violet Award

Catch Me At:
• Dawn Patrols
• Ventage
• Wings For Kids